May 8, 2018 - Rio Tinto

What's Possible When the Mining Stops

The Holden mine was one of the largest operating copper mines in the US, producing over 90,000 tonnes of copper and by-product metals through its life. When the mine closed in 1957, its tunnels extended for 100km and 7.6 million tonnes of tailings were left on nearby US National Forest land. More...

April 11, 2018 - Rio Tinto General Meeting

Address by the Chairman

Address given by Simon Thompson, Chairman of the Rio Tinto Board, at the Annual General Meeting for Rio Tinto in London on April 11, 2018. On pages 3 and 4, Thompson talks about the success of the Holden Mine Remediation project. More...

October 1, 2017 - The Spokesman-Review

Holden Village Finds New Beginning After Test of Fire, Massive Mine Cleanup

As wildfires burned toward Holden Village, a religious retreat center at the edge of the North Cascades wilderness, Lutherans dropped to their knees and prayed. Much of the West was on fire during the summer of 2015. People lost homes in Washington, Oregon and California as wildfires consumed a record 10.1 million acres. But as the Wolverine fire morphed from a small, lightning-caused smolder to a fast-moving blaze, thousands of people across the country were fixated on the fate of a cluster of historic wooden buildings in its path. More...

May 2, 2017 - The Spokesman Review

Holden Mine cleanup progresses, guest services to resume at entrance to Glacier Peark Wilderness

With a lot of tainted water under the bridge, we're no longer dwelling on what sort of environmental rules should have been in place BEFORE the Holden Mine was closed to copper production in the 1950s. The gateway road and trails from Lake Chelan to the Glacier Peak Wilderness have been interrupted since 2012 by a $200-million remediation project to stop the flow of heavy metals from the defunct mine into the region's otherwise pure waters. In a sad paradox, environmental cleanup is as lucrative to local economies as the creation of the environmental damage. More...

May 1, 2017 - North Central Washington's Life Channel

Holden Mine Remediation project comes to a close, contributes to local economy

Deep in the heart of the Forest above Lake Chelan, a dramatic sight has unfolded for the last five summers as dozens of bulldozers, graders, loaders, and excavators worked to reshape a rock-strewn mountain side. The ground rumbles as giant dump trucks drive past, hauling yet another load of mine waste tailings across the 90-acre site. A giant crane hums as it pours more concrete for a footing. These are the sights and sounds of progress as hour by hour, day by day, the once toxic landscape of Holden Mine is restored. More...

May 1, 2017 - The News Tribune

Toxic mine pollution halted near scenic Washington lake

Toxic mine pollution is no longer flowing into Washington state's picturesque Lake Chelan for the first time in nearly 60 years because of a $500 million cleanup to contain contamination from the a mine, officials said this week. The payoff of the mine cleanup means that clean water now flows into a creek that feeds the lake, a prime recreation destination, said Kari Grover Wier, district ranger for the Wenatchee National Forest, where the lake is located. More...

September 28, 2016 - Go Lake Chelan]

Steve Byquist to receive Governor's Lifesaving Award for his rescue of seven people in Lake Chelan

?We were coming down lake at the top end of the straits,? said Poole Engineering Boat Captain and Chelan local Steve Byquist, ?when I saw something flash across the lake. The flicker stayed and I got curious.? The weather was not good on that Friday, May 27, 2016. The winds were whipping at 25 miles per hour, and as Byquist steered the Poole Engineering work boat closer to the flicker, he and his passengers, Randy Green and Jared Green of Green Petroleum and Linda Mortenson, a consultant on the Rio Tinto Holden Mine Remediation Project, noticed that it was sunken boat. More...

September 27, 2016 - Go Lake Chelan

Chelan's city staff and council members tour Rio Tinto's Holden Mine Remediation Project

Chelan city council members and city staff spent a day in Holden Village on Sept. 20, 2016, touring the site of the Rio Tinto Holden Mine Remediation Project. ?We've been working with Rio Tinto the last four or so years,? said Chelan City Administrator Paul Schmidt. ?[Rio Tinto] knew there was impact to the community, so they've been very good at explaining what this mine clean up was all about and how they're approaching it.? More...

August 24, 2016 - Rio Tinto Spirit Magazine

Creating a Future from Old Sites

Bill Adams, general manager, Legacy and Closure, has seen first-hand how we're creating new opportunities at old mining and operational sites. At Rio Tinto, our approach is to plan for closure during our operations. We collaborate with and listen to our stakeholders throughout an operation's life cycle to identify options for postclosure land uses. We also have a commitment to legacy management, which outlines how the company manages the disused sites that have been inherited through the acquisition of other entities. More...

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